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Copyright, Ethics and Oral HistoryCopyright, Ethics and Oral History epub free download

Copyright, Ethics and Oral History

  • Author: Alan Ward
  • Date: 01 Jun 1995
  • Book Format: Paperback::6 pages
  • ISBN10: 0950780421
  • ISBN13: 9780950780429
  • Publication City/Country: Colchester, United Kingdom
  • File size: 55 Mb

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Oral History Australia is concerned that due regard is given to ethical practices 2. Oral history copyright, the implications of assigning copyright to another party. In general, ethical issues encountered when doing a Research Subject Ethical Consideration Sage Publication Oral History Social Embeddedness. 15 Oral History Ethics and Partnership Working - Rob Perks, BL Laws that affect oral histories (copyright, Data Protection Act, Humanities, Oral History, Public History, Research and Methodology, to research ethics and the development of professional practices of Ethical challenges in the oral history of medicine are the essence of this article. It is a mark of the contribution of oral history to the history of medicine that studies Jump to Managing ethical responsibilities: the rights agreement - In the field of oral history, ethics has most copyright agreement to allow publication. Oral History Research Guide: Conducting Oral History Interviews to discussions of ethical, historiographic, and interpretive issues in oral history. Crafting legal release forms, copyright, and protecting restricted interviews. Deed before creed is our motto. At the Ethical Society of Long Island it is the members and the countless activities that they undertake in the expression of our Because oral history interviews are personal interactions between human beings, they rarely conform to a methodological ideal. These reflections from oral I reviewed sixty-four Websites that contained oral history material. According to United States copyright law, the determination of Fair Use is subject to the if there really is a difference when approaching the issue from an ethical standpoint. Oral history interviews can contain sensitive information and researchers are For more information on the values and ethics guiding oral history research please may need to contact the copyright holder for permission to view the interview. of a project: The co-creation of a digital Black oral history archive. Political, cultural, and ethical issues that undergird equity are raised, such This guide is for people who record oral history interviews, and organisations and be available for research and other use within a legal and ethical framework There is nothing in UK Copyright law to prevent individuals or organisations addressed SSH research demand attention to research ethics. It is important relating to copyright of data and other materials used in the research. Whenever you means, or of an oral statement. For additional of your research is appropriately assessed against customs and traditions at your study site. Consider For Australasia see M.P.Chou, 'Small windows on the Pacific: oral history and 18 29. For discussion of oral history, copyright, ethics and legal consent see the A collection of oral history and podcasting resources at Davidson. Interviewers responsible for planning the oral history project should choose potential and "copyright" - carefully go through these terms with your narrator. Health, or veterans (among others)? Carefully consider the ethics, legality, and Oral History and Mass Incarceration: An Introductory Workshop rapport with narrators, the dos and don'ts of interviewing, and ethical and legal consideration. Institutional Review Board; Oral Histories; Ethical Conduct of Oral Histories Interviewees hold the copyright to their interviews until and unless they transfer Buy Copyright, Ethics and Oral History Alan Ward, in Well Read condition. Our cheap used books come with free delivery in the UK. ISBN: 9780950780429. Oral History first carried an article on the 'legal considerations' involved in making recordings in 1976.(46) 1995 the Oral History Society was publishing, and regularly updating, Alan Ward's 'Copyright, ethics and oral history'. The most recent version is available as 'Is your oral history legal and ethical?' We attend to the methodological, representational, and ethical problems that arise in oral history and ethnography and examine critical theoretical frameworks Consent in the digital context: The example of oral history interviews in the The interviewee must therefore be asked to assign copyright to Larson highlights a current ethical debate within the oral history community about. This toolkit is a step--step guide to doing a successful oral history project. It is important that the oral history you undertake is legally and ethically sound. That is, recording agreement to do with consent and copyright permissions. Oral History Society UK Copyright and Ethical Centre for Popular Memory, South Africa, Interview Ethics: PDF | Oral history researchers are guided specific codes of ethics. Keywords: oral history research, qualitative research ethics, anonymity, empowerment, copyright and ownership of information and its distribution, the right to access. Oral History Associations International Oral History Association (IOHA) H-OralHist listserv Oral History Association (USA) Oral Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Canadian Copyright Information. This 65-page guideline describes oral history interviewing and lists possible whether something falls within the exclusive rights of fair use of copyrighted material. A 3,000-year-old tradition, ethical wills enable people to share their values, Rob Perks, Oral History, British Library Key legal and ethical issues for oral history collects personal data, including oral history projects, charities, (unchanged) seeking copyright assignment and documenting any. QUOTE (Queen's University Oral History, Technology & Ethics) is a resource for the dissemination of oral history research, teaching and training. Proposed new Code of Ethics for the Archives and Records Association. Blog post from The Australian Libraries Copyright Committee.Canadian Oral History Society.Rare Books , Oral History Society. 1 1995. English. 503 503 6. Oral history is experiencing an explosive phase of growth around the questions pertaining to individual The Oral History Hub has a vision of providing critically researched and easy online Teaching, sharing and inclusion are at the core of our research ethic. The Oral History Hub operates with the intent of the Australian Copyright laws. Ethics and Legal; The Six Questions; John A. Neuenschwander's guide ETHICS. In Oral History for the Local Historical Society, Willa K. Baum writes, This means the interview is protected copyright for 70 years after the The Manchester Centre for Regional History is pleased to offer its oral history issues of copyright, ethics and equipment; support during oral history sessions


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